If you haven't already heard, Qualtrics is a heavy-hitter in the world of Market Research and customer survey data. ROI integrates with Qualtrics to bring in this survey data to add to customer profiles and scoring. With this integration, you develop a more in-depth understanding of contacts, their purchasing behaviors, and who is a best fit for your company. Results of surveys can also be used to create specific, targeted campaigns to nurture leads, or target contacts based on responses. 

If you are interested in adding the Qualtrics integration to your ROI account, please contact support@rightoninteractive.com for more information on pricing and setup. Please make sure that the ROI user who will be setting this up in their account has permissions set in Qualtrics to view the survey responses. ROI will help to provision this in your account, and setup the API calls to bring in Qualtrics data.  

Great! How does it work?

Once Qualtrics has been provisioned in your account and the API is ready to bring Qualtrics data into ROI, imports can be created to bring in the data from specific forms. Each form you are interested into capturing the data from in ROI will require its own ROI import. When a new import is selected, choose to "Download Qualtrics Survey Responses-"

Then, the specific form can be selected-

And then set to "In Progress" with a daily time for the import to run-

Repeat this process with a new import for every form you would like to bring into ROI. 

Where does it go?

The import brings in data to the 5 custom Qualtrics tables created in your account. These tables store the name of the survey, the survey questions, the survey answer options, and the survey recipients' responses along with data about the recipient and when they responded. Responses are added to these tables based on the submission data, so a new record will be created if someone submits a form multiple times.

What can I do with it?

After data from a survey has been imported into ROI, you can create segments based on the data. Some example segment ideas include: capturing all respondents of a specific survey, any contact that responded to a survey yesterday, contacts that responded to a specific question with a specific response, and any respondents that are leads (not a contact previously in ROI or your CRM). These are just a few use case examples of the many segmentation options that can be done with your Qualtrics data. If you're interested in creating any of these segments from your data or more, contact support@rightoninteractive.com for help creating the segment. 

Once these segments are created, they can be used as a trigger notification. For example, you can create a Tactic to daily send you the names of everyone who filled out a survey within the past day. These segments can also be used to specifically target respondents with a direct, tailored email based on response or engagement. New leads can also be nurtured based on their form data as well. 


Gathering and segmenting on Qualtrics data creates a more dimensional view of your contacts, from behavior and demographics to specific survey responses. 

Please contact support@rightoninteractive.com with additional questions