Drag and Drop Email Editor Enhancements:

The following updates are for the product release on June 22, 2016

Custom Content Blocks

  • Custom content blocks allow for you to create and save a content block
  • On the left-hand block navigation, you can click to save the block. After saving it, when you refresh the page (or clear your cache) you can access all saved blocks using the content block "custom" navigation
  • Additional blocks can be created using code in the "Blocks" section of the content tab in ROI. These blocks will also appear in the "custom" navigation drop down




Spam Score Message

  • When you click to "Check Spam Score" in an email, information about a spam score will be displayed to provide more content on what a spam score is, and what number you should be under. 

    Align Images

    • When you add an image in a content block, you have the ability to change it's alignment 
    • This will allow you to center an image within its own block

    Alt Field

    • When adding an image to a content block, an "Alternate Text" field is required before saving the image. This is the text that appears when images aren't displayed in the inbox, and helps with deliverability. It's important to make this text user-friendly, as a recipient is likely to see this text field if the image isn't displaying

    Social Media Sharing Block

    Switching Between Email Editors

    • In the Drag and Drop Editor, you can switch to the Classic or Code Editor
    • In the Classic Editor, you can switch to the Code Editor
    • In the Code Editor, you can switch to the Classic Editor
    • You can also change templates after opening an email

    Extra Spacing

    • Extra vertical margins have been removed between content blocks so they fit closer together
    • This has been especially focused on in image content blocks
    • Any additional spacing can be removed by switching to the Classic Editor and editing the spacing between blocks

    Image Sizing

    • Images in the Drag and Drop Editor have been fixed so they render the correct size across email clients without having to first be resized and uploaded as the correct size

    Font Styling
    • Fonts have been fixed so they don't change in the "preview" and across email clients 

    Additional Enhancement
    • Changing the color of text in a bulleted list will also change the color of the bullet poins