Tactics now require end dates

Best practice is to always be reviewing the Tactics that you have running. Since ROI only stores event data for a year, we especially recommend revisiting any ongoing Tactics within that time to make sure they're still relevant and effective. Whenever a Tactic is set to run more than once, an end date is automatically added that is 3 months out from the run date. This end date can be extended further, but we recommend not extending it out more than a year. When a Tactic is set to only run once, there will be no end date added. Instead, the Tactic will turn a golden yellow when it has "expired" notifying the user that the time/date the Tactic ran has passed. All Tactics moving forward will have this feature. However, Tactics setup previously will be unaffected. 

Dedupe key notification message

It is highly recommended to select at least one deduplication key when doing an import or export in ROI. This helps prevent duplicate contacts in ROI. When an import or export is saved without selecting dedupe key, a pop up message will appear asking "Are you sure you want to save this Import/Export without setting a Deduplication Key? If you don't set one, you might end up with duplicate records." For more information on deduplication keys and using multiple keys, please refer to this article.