This article contains the IP addresses that Right On Interactive uses to communicate with other servers. 

To ensure optimal email deliverability, it's critical that you add all of the following addresses to your system whitelist to permit interaction with the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) for Right On Interactive:

For a little more detailed information about whitelisting ... 

What Is Whitelisting?

Whitelisting is the process of configuring a spam filter to exempt certain email messages from being filtered or rejected. In this case, it refers to configuring your own corporate mail server so that it doesn't reject or filter the email campaigns you send via Right On Interactive. 

Some spam filters are smarter than others, and whitelisting is not always necessary. Feel free to skip this process until and/or unless you find that you have an issue receiving copies of your own email messages. Remember, this only applies to how spam filters work when sending emails messages from yourself to yourself. These instructions specifically refer to clients sending messages to themselves.

Spammers love to dress up their email messages to look like they originated from somewhere they didn't. Many companies protect themselves by allowing email from their own domain through only if it comes from the company's mail servers. If that weren't the case, it would be easy for a spammer to create an email message appearing to be from the head of your company telling everyone to take the day off with pay. They could send it from any email server and fool recipients.

Having stated this -- don't spam! Permission is the key to the inbox. Companies who send mail only to recipients who have explicitly requested to receive that mail are the most successful at getting their email messages delivered.

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