Sometimes the Google OAuth2 Token does not populate when trying to connect Google Analytics and ROI. This is caused through two reasons: the Email addresses and/or Account Id do not match, or OAuth2 Token is already in use and needs refreshed.

Step Double-Checking the Previous Integration

When you are integrating your Google Analytics account with ROI and the OAuth2 Code is not populating, double-check the following aspects of your integration so far:

  • Make sure the Account Id field contains the 8-digit Account Id associated with the Google Analytics account you want to connect to.
  • Make sure the email associated with your ROI account is added as a user under the Google Analytics account you want to connect to.
  • Click the Get Google OAuth2 Code button. A popup appears from Google asking to grant ROI permissions.  Allow the integration. If no Token populates in the field, move to Step 2.

Step 2: Managing your Google Account App Permissions to Refresh the OAuth2 Token

  • Login to the Google Account associated with your ROI account.  Click the boxes icon in the upper right hand corner and select My Account. See the picture below.
  • Under Sign In and Security select Connected Apps & Sites.
  • Click on Manage Apps.
  • ROI should appear as an option (titled CLM). Click on it, then click Remove.
  • Make sure you are logged out of all other Google Accounts except for the one associated with ROI. Within ROI, navigate to Admin > Preferences > Google and click the OAuth2 button. The pop-up should appear granting permissions to ROI, and the code should populate in the field. Click Save.