For a more complete  integration guide, see the Google Analytics ROI Integration Guide. This is step 2. 

1. Go into ROI. Select Admin > Users. Find your account. Note which email address is associated with it.

  • IMPORTANT: this email must be a Gmail account (or a business account hosted through Gmail) for the integration to work properly. If you need to change this email address, select Edit.
  • Best Practice: Let us create a new ROI user account specifically for Google Analytics for you. You can create a new Gmail account just for ROI Google Analytics.
    • For example, the user name could be Google Analytics CompanyName, the email address is the new email address you created

2. Add the ROI Gmail account to your Google Analytics. Go to Admin > User Management. We recommend Edit permissions (which includes Collaborate and Read and Analyze permissions), to make possible future changes easier, but any permission level is acceptable.