For a more complete  integration guide, see the Google Analytics ROI Integration Guide. This is step 4. 

  1. Log into the Google account associated with your ROI account (example below). Important: Make sure you are logged out of all other Gmail accounts within your open browser windows.
  2. Under the Admin tab in ROI click Preferences in the drop-down menu and then click Google.
  3. Change Custom Variable Value to ga:dimension5
  4. Enter the Account ID found in your Google Analytics account into the Account ID field in ROI. The Account ID is the middle portion of the UA number. For example, if the UA number is "UA-10399694-1" enter "10399694" in the Account ID field.

Click the “Get Google OAuth2 Code” (red arrow in the above picture). Allow ROI to connect to your Gmail account associated with your ROI account.The OAuth2 Token field will automatically populate in ROI.

5. Did the token appear? If no, move onto step 5. If yes, click Save.

  • IMPORTANT: Remember the ROI user that setup the integration with Google Analytics. Any future Google Analytics updates will need to be made in the account that setup the integration.

6. Under the Admin tab in ROI click Field Maps in the drop-down menu and then click Google.

In the first row, change Source Column from “ga:customVarValue5” to “ga:dimension5” (pictured below). Click Save.