For a more complete  integration guide, see the Google Analytics ROI Integration Guide. This is step 6. 

1. Website data downloads must be setup in the same user that setup the integration. Often one account has multiple users with separate ROI logins, so it's important to remember which user owns the Google Analytics integration.

Navigate to the Data tab and select Imports & Exports. Add a folder called Analytics and then select Create New Import/Export.

2. Choose Action > Download Google Analytics Data.

3. Select your website from the dropdown, which will have all of the available websites listed under your Google Analytics account. Keep in mind you must setup separate imports for each website to download identified and anonymous data from each site. If you only want to track one site then all you need to do is setup the anonymous visitors download and the identified visitors download.

Select the dimension of All Tracking for the identified visitors download and Anonymous Tracking for the anonymous visitors download.

4. Select schedule to run "Hourly" at 15 past the hour. Select In Progress so that the download runs according to schedule. In Step 3, title the download Identified Visitors  Download for the All Tracking dimension. Title the download Anonymous Visitors Download for the Anonymous Tracking dimension. In the description enter the name of your website and select the Analytics folder. Remember to click Save.

5. Navigate to the Analytics tab after your Identified and Anonymous downloads have imported data successfully. This is where you can review the website tracking results.

Multiple Websites

If your ROI license permits multiple websites (more than one Google Analytics account integration), those Google Analytics integrations must be setup under separate ROI users. For example, must setup the integration and imports for the AJ+MF Co. .org website under her user if the .org site has a separate Google Analytics account than the .com site. must setup the integration and imports for the AJ+MF Co. .com website under his user.

Google Analytics indicates in their documentation that it could be three hours or more before they make the website analytics data available. As a result, in some cases you may see a three to four hour delay in reporting of Analytics.

Please contact with additional questions.