Right On Interactive's integration with Google Analytics is a powerful tool to let you gain more insight into your customers. 

Below is the 6-part guide to integrate with Google Analytics.

1. Is the Google Analytics code and the ROI tracking code on the website(s) you want to track?

2. Does the email associated with your ROI account have permission from your Google Analytics?

3. Are your Google Analytics settings correct?

4. Do your Google Analytics and ROI accounts link correctly?

5. Why isn’t the token populating? (Refreshing the OAuth2 Token)

6. Have I set up Google Analytics Visitor Imports into ROI?

Daily Reports: Setting up daily Anonymous and Identified Visitor Reports

Troubleshooting: Multiple ROI accounts with the same user email address

Diagram: High-level Data and Process View 

Contact us at support@rightoninteractive.com with any questions.