Google Analytics does not allow multiple ROI accounts to  authenticate using the same Google-based email address. To  fix this is simple: you have to create a new Google email address to house the  permissions. The integration requires any Google-hosted email address. 

For example, your company is ABC, inc. Your work email  address of opens up within Gmail, because that’s where it is  hosted. This email address would work fine. If that’s not the case, you can should  create a new Gmail account to house the integration.

Best Practice: Always  create a new Google email just for the ROI Google Analytics integration. We  suggest [companyname]  To stay with our example, this becomes:,  or -- if your work address is already hosted through Google –

We suggest putting the “1” there in case future analytics accounts are created. Each Gmail account is only associated with one ROI account and house one integration. If more of your ROI accounts need Google Analytics  Integration, you can create,  etc. This helps for future troubleshooting, and allows for easier access if  employees leave.