The Problem:

You updated a default value on an existing column in a ROI  table. When you’re trying to save it, you get an error about NULL values:

This is triggered because existing contacts in your database  have no data (or NULL) in the field where you’re attempting to add a default  value. Therefore, you cannot overwrite the existing NULL data with a default  value.

The Solution:

1. Go to Data tab > Segments > Create New  Segment

Add the needed table. Select only  the ROI ID (or similar field to use as the deduplication key) and the field you  wanted to add the new default value to.

Under Set Criteria, select the Table, the column where you want to add the  default value, the operator “Equal To (=)”, and keep Criteria blank. Here's an example:

Save and Export the segment.

2. Open the exported file in Excel.

Add the needed default values in  the blank column.(In the example below, the needed default value is “unknown”)

Change the column headers to only  the column name. For example, “Contacts.Department” would become “Department”.

Save the file as a CSV.

Example of finished CSV:

3. Go to the Data Tab > Lists > Import  Contacts

For Text Qualifier, select Double  Quotes (“). Check “First row contains column names”. Choose the CSV file you  just modified and import it.

Choose your destination table. Map  the two fields to their appropriate destinations. Choose the deduplication key  on the ID (or similar) field. 

Choose an email. Click save.

4. After you get an email saying the list was  successfully uploaded, go back to Data > Tables. Select the table and column  you want to add the default value to.

Now add the default value and click save.  It will successfully save without giving you the error.


By updating the existing NULL values in the table column to  the default value you wanted to add, ROI is not trying to override old information. Instead it will just add the default value to any new records,  since all old records are now updated.

Please contact support@rightoninteractive with any  questions.