1.First Step-Revoke/Remove App

i)Login to Facebook.Goto Settings. Click ‘Apps’



ii)Click ‘Right On Interactive’ link. A new window opens


iii) Click ‘Remove App’

iv) Click ‘Remove’ in next window.

This process completes revoking the app access.

2.Second Step -Regrant ROI app access

i) Keep the Facebook window open and goto the ROI user  window under which the FB preferences need to be updated(clm.rightonin.com)

ii) Goto Admin->Preferences->Facebook

Click ‘Facebook GetOAuth2 Code’ button. The page will navigate for a second and bring back OAuth token.At this point the token might not still be visible.

Click ‘Save’ button

Click ‘Test Facebook Login’ button. The message will say ‘Facebook login was successful’.

If it still fails, please contact support@rightoninteractive.com with the error screenshot.