An Iframe, or Inline  Frame, is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website.

Customers can use iframes to embed ROI-created landing pages  in websites. This offers additional versatility, and still allows the full  tracking and data capture used in ROI Forms and ROI Landing Pages.


1. Create  a ROI form.

2. Add the ROI  form to a new or existing Landing Page

a. View the Landing Page.


b. Copy the URL in the preview window


3. Create iframe code

a. There are many free tools to help you generate  iframe code – all vary in complexity. Or, you can get your tech team to write  some simple iframe code. We recommend using Script Generator,  which is used in the below example.

b. In Script Generator, enter the copied Landing  Page URL. Adjust any other options. Select Generate my Script.


c. The newly loaded page shows a preview of your  iframe and the html code you need to put on the website where you want to put  the iframe ROI Landing Page.

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