ROI can have three custom birthday fields in the Contacts Table to use for data gathering, customization, segmentation and emailing your contact list. 

The contacts table can be found in the Data Tab > Tables > Contacts. Select Add Column, and enter the Name, Description, Length, and Formula. (N/A signifies leaving the field blank).    

Column Name         Description Type     Length Formula
Birthdate     The birthdate for the contact in MM/DD/YYYY. Date N/A N/A
Alt Birthdate         The birthdate for the contact in MM/DD. Used for email personalization Formula     N/A (case when [Contacts].[Birthdate] IS NULL then NULL else CONVERT([varchar](5),[Contacts].[Birthdate],(101)) end)
NextBirthdate         The upcoming birthdate for the contact in MM/DD/YYYY.  Formula N/A (case when CONVERT([date],(((CONVERT([varchar](4),datepart(year,getdate()),(0))+'-')+CONVERT([varchar](2),datepart(month,[Contacts].[Birthdate]),(0)))+'-')+CONVERT([varchar](2),datepart(day,[Contacts].[Birthdate]),(0)),(0))<CONVERT([date],getdate(),(0)) then CONVERT([date],(((CONVERT([varchar](4),datepart(year,getdate())+(1),(0))+'-')+CONVERT([varchar](2),datepart(month,[Contacts].[Birthdate]),(0)))+'-')+CONVERT([varchar](2),datepart(day,[Contacts].[Birthdate]),(0)),(0)) else CONVERT([date],(((CONVERT([varchar](4),datepart(year,getdate()),(0))+'-')+CONVERT([varchar](2),datepart(month,[Contacts].[Birthdate]),(0)))+'-')+CONVERT([varchar](2),datepart(day,[Contacts].[Birthdate]),(0)),(0)) end)

Populating the Birthday field with a date will auto populate the other two fields accordingly (Alt Birthday and NextBirthdate).

To create a segment of people that have a birthday today, go to the Data Tab, Segments, New Segment (Contact Table is visible by default). 

Go to step 2, Set Criteria and choose Table=Contacts, Column=NextBirthdate, Operator= Equals To (=), Criteria =%%TODAY%%. 

Once you have this segment it can be used to send a birthday email, postcard, schedule a Task, etc. from within a campaign/tactic. 

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