ROI Landing Pages can have personalized content for each ROI Contact. Adding this feature is a simple process using the combined functionality of ROI’s toolset.

1. Create an ROI Form with all the needed fields and mapped to the correct tables. Go here for more information on ROI Forms. Make sure the Status is marked as Published.

2. Create a Landing Page, designed to your needs. Go here for more information on the Landing Page editor. Add your ROI Form to the Landing Page. Make sure the Status is marked as Published.

3. Create an email to your needs. Highlight the text you want to be the link to your landing page.

Click on the link button (highlighted below).

Click the Landing Page logo to the right of the URL bar.

Type in the title of your Landing Page. Click “Choose Landing Page” then “Set Link.”

4.Create an ROI email campaign. When you create a new tactic, select the email where you added the landing page link.

RECOMMENDED: Create a segment of just a few contacts within your organization to send test emails. Sending emails to this test segment will give you the best results as to how an email to a client segment will behave.

5. After you send the email, click the landing page link. If the form submitter is a contact in ROI, the ROIID should be populated in the URL and the form will populate any basic information in the ROI system. If the form submitter enters new information, it will overwrite the fields within their contact record.